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Hoffco Outdoor Power Equipment has been producing time tested quality commercial and industrial power equipment spanning five decades.

Using a manual style posthole digger is one way to dig a hole. But if you are digging more than one hole for building a fence or a deck, it can take you forever to dig your holes using a manual digger.

Hoffco's powered earth augers were conceived right from the start for medium and heavy duty earth drilling projects. From industrial to commercial jobs, Hoffco's post hole diggers readily handle any drilling task. Hoffco's earth augers are low maintenance and high quality pieces of equipment. The transmission is made with hardened gears for longer life. Our design utilizes a 3½ inch centrifugal clutch delivering more than enough torque to the earth drill. Plus grips for operator comfort and control.Kill switch located at the operator's fingertips for extra safety.

Hoffco's earth augers are designed for years of trouble free service and are built tough to last and perform beyond your expectations.

  • One Man Earth Auger
  • Two Man Earth Auger

Digging Postholes Using a Power Auger

Before You Dig

As with any project that requires digging beneath the soil, check with your municipality and utility companies to verify you are not digging into a gas, utility, sewer or other buried cable or line. You will likely be held liable for any damages you incur by digging if you have not had these areas properly marked. Also, be sure to obtain any necessary approvals or permits before you dig.

Always read and understand the owner's / operator's manual prior to using any power tool. If you do not have an owner's / operator's manual, please contact us.

Planning Your Dig

You will need to layout the perimeter of your project so you can establish the location of your postholes. Although this is not labor intensive, the success of your project relies heavily on locating and marking the posthole locations accurately.

How Do You Dig A Posthole With Hoffco Posthole Digger?

When starting a new post hole, drill about 3" deep, then shut off and remove all clumps of sod from the auger teeth. This sod will prevent the auger from digging properly. Place the auger back in the hole and proceed, about every 10" to 12" you should release the throttle and pull it out of the hole and tap the auger on the ground to remove the dirt from you hole. Repeat this process until desired depth is reached. Do not remove or replace a rotating auger from or into an existing hole, always make sure the auger has stopped, doing so can cause you to loose control of the post hole drill. And as with any power equipment the owners manual should be completely read and understood prior to using your post hole drill.


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